Our Fees Scale

Please note that we charge fixed fees for all of the applications. Fees include: all attendances, written and telephone correspondence with the client and relevant 3rd parties; consideration, preparation and submission of application and relevant supporting documents. Copies of documents, where required. Postage to/from the UKVI where application is made inside the UK for a leave to remain. In case of using same-day service at the Home Office PEO in Croydon – attending an appointment with the applicant.

Entry Clearance (applications outside the UK): all the services as above except submission to the authorities, i.e. we will prepare the application and check the documents, forms etc, answer all the queries. Then, you’d have to arrange delivery of documents to the applicant in the country of application where the applicant has to hand the papers over and provide biometrics (fingerprints). Our help here is to make sure you have the right documents when handing them over. This service can also be conducted via email by scanning the documents, if you are residing outside the UK.

We offer a 10% discount for clients of Multi-Travel Visas Ltd who have ordered a Schengen or another foreign non-UK visa.

Please note that our organization is not VAT registered therefore VAT @20% will not be added to the fees. Home Office fees are not included in the fixed fee and should be paid separately in addition to our fees. The Home Office Fees varies for each category and can be found on the Home Office website(or Contact Us for further information.).